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เกมส์ Care Bears - Happy Hearts Game

Tags 1 Player - Animal - Bear - Flash - Love - Mouse Skill

Game description: You have 30 seconds to help the Care Bears cheer up as many broken hearts as they can. Catch the hearts as they fall by moving the Care Bear you choose. Only the broken hearts will get you points.

Game controls: Use Mouse to interact.
Game description: Look for the yellow star and try to get there before your opponent. Game controls: Use arrow keys to move.
Game description: These chores may seem like a drag, but do them right and your wife will make it worth your while... Game controls: Take care of the chores before your wife comes home. L
Game description: Explore the North Pole to locate, the last survivor of the Ice Age. Who knows you may just find love along the way? Game controls: Every Stage has a different set of ins